Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old Dominion Open - IPMS Richmond

On February 25th I attended Old Dominion Open Hobby Show, hosted by IPMS Richmond.
It was good show, a lot of good models on the tables, and quite impressive vendors' area.
As always it was great occasion to meet some old friends, and make some new ones.
The only unhappy  thing was how armor categories were divided :( My beloved braille scale armor was joined with 1/48th scale in Tracked Armor Vehicles, and to make it worse in Armored Cars, Softskin and Artillery categories it was placed together with 1/35th. Very unfortunate decision, which may keep away braille scale modelers from this show.
However I was quite lucky, and 3 of my models received awards in other categories.

28mm Demolition Team

1/72 Fighting For Vodka!

1/35 M4 Early Sherman, Italy, 1944 

It was good start of 2012 season, and I hope it will get better along the way.


  1. You had a great day, my friend and I'm glad to see you receive the recognition of your peers.

  2. Thanks buddy :) You sound familiar ;)...

  3. Congratulations Dyzio on the achievements and the models as they look great.

  4. Thanks Łukasz :) Really appreciate your kind comment.