Monday, May 21, 2012

1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc Dragon - Completed

Finally Firefly Vc is completed. Crew was mounted in their hatches (placing the driver was really tricky :)). Terrain was made with mixture of pigments, white glue and matt varnish. Vegetation was done with different products from Silflor and Polak companies. Decals came from 1st Polish Armoured Division Part 1 set by Armo (72408). This Firefly received markings of 1st Squadron, 2nd Regiment, 1st polish Armoured Division, in England, during Spring 1944.

My model had it's debut during IPMS NOVA Model Classic 2012 show this month, and received two awards.


  1. Nicely done, and nicely presented (I like the ground-scape a lot). The Firefly is on my list of models to build, and you've set a high bar in terms of quality and appearance. FWIW, I use a lot of model railroad "stuff" for my groundwork, but i'm always experimenting - recently, I used clumping cat litter, and the acrylic (water-based) paint softened it to appear more like weathered rock.

  2. Also, like what you did with your blogger site - I use blogger, too, but never got anything of this quality appearance.