Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1/72 Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds - Workbench Part 6

Getting close to the finish line with this build. Tie received Badaab Black wash (Citadel) to make it look very used and beat up. Some may think it's too heavy, but keep in mind that pictures are close-ups and in reality the elements are much smaller.

When the wash was dry, I started fitting the solar panels. Unfortunately it required some sanding to fit them properly in places. It wasn't huge problem, but when you grab Fine Molds' product you just expect nice fit and hassle free assembly.
Here are completed wings

The fuselage was also completed and ready for final assembly
The obvious final step was to connect wings with fuselage :)

Final gallery with completed base is coming soon... Stay tuned!

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