Friday, November 22, 2013

1/72 SKOT 1 (OT-64) APC - ARMO Jadar - Workbench Part 2

Time for an update - let's see what can be fixed on SKOT model. Since there is no photo etched set for this kit, all upgrades have to be done from scratch.
Let's start from hatches. The kits has all the hatches in closed position.
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - closed hatches
I decided to open crew's hatches, since I planned to add figures of driver & commander. I gently cut off existing hatches, using razor saw, and drilled out corresponding holes.
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - opened hatches

 On the picture above you can see wave guard's arms on the model, which are wrong size and shape. On real vehicle they are flat (not round) and angled. I made my own parts using pieces of brass sheet for arms and plastic profile for the mount. Here's the result.
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - wave guard's arms
Other parts in need of correction were float steering surfaces. The ones provided with the kit come in wrong size and shape, and mounting details are completely omitted. I made new parts from brass sheet.
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - float steer surfaces
Next, I added inner details for crew hatches, handles and steps, using wire and styrene profile.
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - hatches inner details
I also finished wave guard elements, added mounting rod, and new hook on front of vehicle (shaped from piece of plastic).
1/72 SKOT 1 - Armo - wave guard assembly

To be continued soon...


  1. MrDyzio: Are you still in the DC area? Same here (Cap Hill) working on my 1/48 Sherman (I came across your online build).

    Collin Tatusko

  2. Collin,
    I'm still around :) You can always drop me a note at