Thursday, February 2, 2012

1/35 M4 Sherman Early Tamiya - Workbench

Upon one of my friends request, I decided to deal with Sherman in 1/35th scale, and M4 Early made by Tamiya landed on my workbench. 
Assembly did not present any surprises and went on quickly and smoothly. After having Sherman assembled, I applied two light coats of grey primer, to improve surface adhesion. When it was dry, I accented shadows and panel lines (pre-shading) with Vallejo Black Primer.
Whenever we see Sherman, most of us think Olive Drab... Since I wanted something different, so I chose two tone camouflage as seen during Italian campaign.
For the base colors I choose Tamiya paints. Firs I applied Desert Yellow (XF-59) with some Buff (XF-57) highlights.

Then I applied the second tone, with use of Olive Drab (XF-62) and some addition of Khaki (XF-49)

And final summary of this phase

To be continued...


  1. RIGHT INFO AT RIGHT TIME my Friend The colors are just what the Dr ordered like the Camo scheme
    This is going to be a really great build from the master again.
    Cannot wait for your magic touch with the weathering.
    Thank goodness ''NO-OLIVE DRAB''

    1. Thanks Herman for your kind comment. This time I wanted to get away from super accurate detailed build, and just focus on paint job. I'm glad you already like the initial paint job, but it will go a bit further later on.
      Unfortunately next Sherman will be OD...