Sunday, February 5, 2012

1/72 Fighting "For Vodka" SF Project

Sometimes you end up with model kit, which some impulse buy, and after a while you look at it wondering what to do with it. In my case, I bought Soviet KV-2 tank from PST, for reason which I don't recall. One day finally I pulled it out from my stash, and I got an idea to convert it to SF Walker Tank :)
And I made this beast...
Here we go...

The first donor for this project was 1/72 KV-2 from PST.

Some other parts came from Warhammer 40K Sentinel.

I took legs and mounting base from Sentinel:

Turret is from PST kit, with added metal barrel for SIG-33 from my spares box.

On the turret I added grab handles from copper wire and weld lines from Magic Sculpt. Also added exhaust pipes from spares box.

Having vehicle assembled, I started working on terrain. I carved basic shape from styrofoam and covered it with tiles adhesive, which provides some rough texture. I made tree trunk from various wires, later covered with Mr.Hobby Dissolved Putty.
To bring some more life to the vignette, I chose two figures from Milicast.
I painted KV-Walker with Life Color paints from WWII Soviet Armor Set.

Base received initial colors, which eventually disappeared...
When I started adding mud and snow. First layer of frozen snow was made with Woodland Scenic Snow, which was later topped with much finer one.
While base was drying, I turned back to walker. Since I started this project, I wanted to place on the turret slogan, like many WWII Soviet tanks had. But this one says "For Vodka!"...
First I designed the slogan using graphic software, followed by some printouts. Unfortunately, none of them was satisfying me, so I ended up hand painting it. Number on turret's back is a decal.

After the struggle with slogan, I could finish the whole project. Final layer of snow was made with baking soda mixed with white glue, water and satin clear. Mud was done with pigments, oils, and gloss coat. Figures were painted with Vallejo paints. Ice picks  on the tree are done with Woodland Scenic Water Effects.

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