Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 5

Finally I finished the assembly. The hatch is on the place, and I added blockade for it made from copper wire.
1/72 JS-3 - Assembled turret top
1/72 JS-3 - Assembled turret front

Sunday, July 22, 2012

1/72 MAUS Dragon - Workbench part 6

Long time passed by since I did any work on this project... but eventually Little Boss allowed for some activity.
I've added some rubble and debris on the base.

Monday, July 16, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 3

Work on JS-3 continues. After quite a struggle I managed to install metal gun barrel into the mantlet (I had to widen the opening). Having this done, I assembled the turret. Fitting is quite away from snug.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Turret's bottom
Assembled turret revealed rather serious gaps on both sides of the gun mount...
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Gun mount

Friday, July 13, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 2

I started work on JS-3 by assembling suspension parts.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Suspension

One of disadvantages of this kit are hatches, which Trumpeter molded in shut position. Since I prefer to include figures with my builds, I decided to cut them out.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Opened turret hatches

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 1

Among other modeling subjects, I definitely have a soft spot for Polish armor. While ago, when reading one of the books of that matter, I found the information about two JS-3 (IS-3) tanks delivered for testing to Polish Army (1946/1947). Eventually, Polish Army went straight for T-54/55, skipping JS-3. Both JS-3s are preserved in museums in Poznan and Warsaw.
Having this said, let's focus on the model kit. Trumpeter makes two versions of this heavy tank, JS-3 (which is going to be my victim here) and JS-3m (later version).
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter