Friday, July 13, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 2

I started work on JS-3 by assembling suspension parts.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Suspension

One of disadvantages of this kit are hatches, which Trumpeter molded in shut position. Since I prefer to include figures with my builds, I decided to cut them out.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Opened turret hatches

Continuing work on the turret, I added grab handles from a wire (included with the kit).
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Turret with grab handles

Next, I added some small detail parts on the hull.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Hull details

Another troubled spot which requires some attention is barrel travel lock which looks flat as a pancake. So, I decided to improve it a bit and here's the result.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Barrel's travel lock
To Be Continued... Soon :)

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