Saturday, February 11, 2012

1/72 MAUS Dragon - Workbench part 2

 In previous part, I ended up with Maus painted with base color. Sometimes I have crazy ideas, and decided to try Digi Camo on this beast. Initially I thought it would be much quicker, but apparently I was wrong. Let me cover this process step by step...
It takes masking tape, scalpel, and lot of free time accompanied with patience. First masking layer on.

After all that masking  I had to take small break, since I started seeing everything in squares :)
When my vision came back to normal,  I grabbed airbrush and had couple minutes of fun. Base camo color is Light Grey (XF-66) with highlights from Medium Grey (XF-20).

When paint dried I removed masking tape. Here's the achieved effect:

Since I was pleased with the result, I moved to the next step... MORE MASKING!!!

After completing this, I sprayed third camouflage color Olive Green (XF-58). When I removed masks, it showed some paint went under. You cannot really rush masking process.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome of third color, so I masked Maus again, changing some shapes, and last night sprayed it again.
It came out a bit better, and I will keep it that way, otherwise I'll never finish it.

Having it done, I turned to the barrels...  I mean gun barrels, and big gas barrel on the back :)

I used 3 colors for this. Base color is Hull Red (XF-9), then brightened up with Flat Red (XF-7), and finally added for highlights Citadel's Dwarf Flesh.

That's it for now, more to come soon... Stay tuned!


  1. Bloody Hell that was a long process - but it is definitely going to be a great design when it is all done
    You are right this is like musical chairs you can keep on going round with the masking
    I think the most difficult part is trying to figure out the actual Final design right from the beginning

  2. Hi Herman, Unfortunately it was quite long process, I would say it probably took me all together 10-12 hours. I had rough vision of it from the start, slightly modifying it while working on it.
    But I think the worst part is behind me...
    Stay tuned :)

  3. I stumbled on this page while researching for the Maus kit (Dragon, same as yours) I just ordered, and I had to stop and say:
    a) you're much more patient than I am
    b) you should be proud of that outcome
    c) pretty sure that's not historically accurate :)

    1. Bobby,
      ... you just got me smile ;) let me tell you..:
      a) maybe...
      b) I am
      c) you're totally right :))))
      Thanks for the comment !
      PS. You can also follow me on FB (Martin Dyzio)