Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 5

Finally I finished the assembly. The hatch is on the place, and I added blockade for it made from copper wire.
1/72 JS-3 - Assembled turret top
1/72 JS-3 - Assembled turret front

I even got little bit carried away and added fuel lines on the back of the hull (made from wire).
1/72 JS-3 - Hull rear with fuel lines
Here's JS-3 assembled:
1/72 JS-3 - Assembled front view

1/72 JS-3 - Assembled top view
Naturally, the next step was to apply the primer.
Primed hull:
1/72 JS-3 - Primed hull

1/72 JS-3 - Primed hull front

Primed turret:
1/72 JS-3 - Primed turret front

1/72 JS-3 - Primed turret rear

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