Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1/35 M4 Sherman Early Tamiya - Completed

After previous episode I had Sherman sealed and ready for the DIRT & MUD TIME. First I built up layers of mud with different tones, with help of AK Interactive products. To achieve volume of it, I mixed them with white plaster (Plaster of Paris). When all the layers dried up, I added some more dust using various pigments. At the end, despite my earlier resolution, I eventually decided to make small base for Sherman.

I made the base using my usual, many times tested methods. I started from cutting to the size piece of styrofoam, in which I carved out two indentations for placing tracks. Next, I added 3 small pieces of styrofoam to create small uphill. Before moving to the next step, I primed it to seal all the pores.
After this, I covered terrain with putty, correcting shapes as needed and adding some textures. To speed up the whole process, I added to putty some AK Interactive Mud colored wash, which eliminated need of painting any base colors.
When putty was almost dry, I started placing rocks. The ones I used here, came from my yard :)
To make sure they are all secured I used extra thin super glue.
The last main step was to create the dirt / soil. As usual I made it using various shades of pigments.
When main layers of pigments dried, I added some more pigments to add color variety, and also to blend in tank's tracks into surroundings.
Sherman M4 Early is officially done! 

I hope you like it... Any comments are always welcome.


  1. Superb Base - That is a medium where I need to learn quite a bit still,
    My recent work was such a pressure build trying to get all 10 Dios done in 14days that I could not spend the amount of time needed to get such a wonderful finish, my pastels stayed in the toolbox - But after seeing this amazing finish-effect you got - I really need to take much more time.
    Great build once again Marcin.
    Herman Moore

  2. Thanks Herman. I'm glad you like my approach :)