Monday, February 27, 2012

28mm Mordor Stormtrooper

While ago I received from a friend bag full of 1/72 figures (Thanks Micha!). For my surprise, among them, I found metal figure from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings series. Figure looked incomplete, and for some time I had no clue what to do with it. One day, while browsing through some remnants from 1/35 scale figures, I found some weapons, bags and pouches, and I got an idea. How about modernizing the guy to Stormtrooper?

I re-worked his arms, made opening between one arm and chest, and re-positioned his hand. Filled some gaps with green stuff, and started upgrading poor fellow  :twisted:  He received Soviet sub-machine gun, some bags, and ammo pouch.

After that, it went quite quickly. Primer, and some fun with colors. I also decided to make a small base for him (as usually I do). Some bits from Citadel's basing set, trunk from bush's twig, grass from Silflor, and pigments. Fast and fun!  :-D

I hope you'll like it...

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