Thursday, February 23, 2012

1/35 M4 Sherman Early Tamiya - Workbench Part 4

While working on Firefly, I also gave some attention to bigger Sherman. I slowly started weathering process, which is in its very initial stage. I applied oil wash and first filter from Winton artistic oils.

Next, I plan to add more streaks / rainmarks, followed by mud application. That how it looks for now.


  1. Hello Marcin,
    Wonderful work you've presented here, I'll enjoy following along in the future.

    Also, I really enjoyed meeting you at the Richmond show and talking with you. Hopefully we'll be able to visit again.

    Mike Moore

  2. Mike,
    It was my pleasure to meet you there. I think the next show for me will be NOVA Classic in Fairfax (May 12th). I hope to meet you there :)

    I'm glad you like my stuff. Please, stay tuned, more updates soon...