Monday, March 12, 2012

32mm Agent Nina vel Blanca DeLuxe

It appears that nothing is happening on my workbench... but it's not quite truth. Currently I'm working on Imperial Tie Interceptor, which I build for competition on, and for that reason I do not show it here (for now).
Usually I prefer to have few different models on the workbench, which prevents me from getting bored.
In addition, I just started working on really neat figure, which bought from Cool Minis or Not. They list her as Blanca DeLuxe, but here she gets different name - Agent Nina.
I removed some flash, and smoothed down the mold lines. Drilled out guns barrels, added mounting pins to the legs and put the figure together.
I started preparing base for her display, using some resin cobblestone road leftovers, and Italian WWII marker.
Hopefully, I'll have some more to show tomorrow...

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