Saturday, February 18, 2012

1/35 M4 Sherman Early Tamiya - Workbench Part 3

Another update. Maybe it's a small progress, but in fact it took me a while. First I applied clear glossy coat, which resulted in rough texture. After sanding and several coats of clear I was finally ready for decals.
I hoped it will go smooth and quickly. Apparently I was wrong.
Tamiya decals showed as one of the worst decals I ever dealt with. One cracked to pieces, all others did not wanted to stick. They even refused to work with Microscale Set & Sol...
Pure horror! I ended up placing them with clear coat. After that I applied final gloss coat to seal everything.
M4 Early got markings of C Company, 756th Tank Battalion, 5th Army, Italy, February 1944.
Results below...

To be continued...

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