Friday, February 17, 2012

28mm Red Commisar - Games Workshop

This figure comes from Games Workshop's Warhammer line, and honestly it ended up on my workbench accidentally. But after closer examination, I decided to give it a go. So, here it is - Red Commisar.

First, I primed the figure with black primer, and started working on a base for it. Since I do not play Warhammer, and just paint the figures from time to time, I tend to make bigger bases for them.
I made the terrain from air drying clay, and added various bits and pieces from spare parts box.

When the clay was dry, I sprayed the base with grey and black primers.
Then I airbrushed mixture of earth tones on the base and started painting details.

Base colors were followed with highlights.
 In meantime I applied base colors on the figure,
gradually followed by more colors,
 and highlights as well.

While he was drying, I turn back to base. Having all painting done, I started pouring water to the pond.
To fill up the pond it took several layers of Woodland Scenic's Realistic Water product. Between last few layers I added some greenish color to it, to achieve little bit toxic look.
Finally, I added pigments to the base and placed finished figure on the it. Quite quick and fun project.


  1. Kolejna praca pełna profesjonalizmu. Bardzo ciekawi mnie, jak wykonałeś tą smródkę z kwasem i szkieletami?

  2. Kolejny projekt na luzie i zabawa kolorami. Szkielecik z zestawu do podstawek Citadel/Warhammer. Bajorko to Woodland Scenic Still Water z dodatkiem transparentnych farb Tamiya (zielony, zolty, niebieski). Po powierzchni gloss varnish.