Saturday, February 18, 2012

1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc Dragon - Workbench Part 3

Work on Firefly continues. First some problems... I applied Johnson's Clear, which resulted in a bit rough texture and also darken the tank. I sanded it down a bit and few more coats of gloss clear. I was ready for decals. I used decals from Polish manufacturer ARMO, set 72408 1st Polish Armoured Division Part 1.
I chose markings for Sherman Firefly Vc, 1st Squadron, 2nd Armoured Regiment, 1st Polish Armoured Division, England, Spring 1944. Decals went on, and I sealed model with coat of gloss clear. Here it is:

Next will be oil wash, and then I'll deal with some lost highlights...
Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for info on the gloss cote - It is the part I most dread - doing the gloss and decals - But ARMO decals are quite cool - have a few sets [ALL] of their Japanese Armor.
    Looking great Marcin, I am at moment playing catch-up on this Blog
    During my Marathon build for the M.O.Y. did not get much chance and you were soo busy as well.