Monday, January 16, 2012

28mm Polish Special Forces AD 2050

While browsing one of modeling forums, I saw Space Marines Bike from Warhammer 40K, which really caught my attention. I had to get one.
When I started working on this, I decided to add some details, to make it more realistic :)
I added stowage basket and extended exhaust pipes.
 In next step I drilled out headlight and machine gun barrels. Also added ammo boxes.

The assembly was completed with added leg protectors and rear fender, which came out of my spares box.

 Having this one almost done, I decided to make a small vignette and add two more figures.

Paint job done, and added some stuff to the basket.

I assembled simple base, using picture frame, scale ballast, and pigments.
Completed vignette.


  1. Tego jeszcze nie widziałem :). Świetny nietuzinkowy pomysł. Pogratulować!

  2. A to milo, ze sie podoba :) To byl bodajze moj drugi model po ponad 10-letniej przerwie w modelarstwie...