Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/72 E-100 German Heavy Tank, Dragon

Another of my builds is WWII German heavy tank E-100. In fact this vehicle never entered the service, and only one hull was completed.

Inside the box we find sprues with all tank's elements.
I decided to add some more details to this monster. First I added grab handles on the side of turret, assuming the crew had to climb somehow on it :) I also installed MG ball mounts (spares box as usual).
As the next step, I installed additional small turret (taken from E-25 kit) with 20mm metal gun barrel.
The assembly went quite smoothly, so I could focus on painting this monster. I decided to apply fictional splinter camouflage (it didn't enter the service anyway...)
After that I painted small details and slightly weathered it. To top it off, I included commander's figure and simple base.

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