Thursday, March 14, 2013

1/72 StuG 40 Ausf.G - T-3 (75mm) Polish Army - Revell - Workbench Part 1

After being quiet for a while, I took on StuG 40 Ausf.G from Revell, which under designation T-3 (75mm) was used in Polish Army in 1945, by 5th Self-propelled Artillery Unit, 6th Infantry Division. This unit was using captured vehicles, since it never received planned SU-76. 5th Self-propelled Artillery Unit was using 3 such Stugs.

To start, I pulled out from my stash well known Revell's kit and metal barrel by JB/RB Models.

Here what was hiding inside the box

In addition I found photo etched grills dedicated for Panzer III vehicles by Voyager.
First, I re-worked exhaust pipes, which in the kit look like a plugs, not even round ones. After a bit of work they came out like this:

and mounted them on the kit

 At the end, they are not so much visible at all...

Kit builds went quickly and with no unpleasant surprises. Voyager's grills were mounted on their spots.

Gun's mantlet received cast texture and metal barrel, and I added loops on superstructure sides. MG is made from brass sheet leftover, as well as Notek light's mount.

Next, I scratch built details on inner side of hatch from brass sheet pieces and wire, added missing weld marks, also added photo etched ammo belt for MG (here mounted with blue-tack, for easier painting).

So far assembled StuG looks like this:

In meantime started making base for Stug, already primed.

I'm also working on figures (small surgery as usual), here in rough shape, small corrections still needed.

to be continued...

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