Saturday, December 29, 2012

1/72 S-300 PMU Gramble 30N6E1 Radar Vehicle PST IN-BOX

Recently, digging through my stash, I pulled out quite big box with with 30N6E1 radar vehicle from S-300 PMU (SA-10 GRUMBLE) rocket system. Model is made by Belarusian company PST. It contains 197 parts and measures 20,46 cm when assembled.

Plastic usual kind for PST, of mediocre quality. Clear parts quite good. Kit contains 2 types of tires - rubber and plastic ones (2 halves each).

Instructions - first & last page

Vehicle parts

Radar station parts

Rubber tires

Clear parts


  1. Hi,

    a good choice. maybe you will need to reference :

    happy new year,

  2. Thanks Erhan :) In some near future I'm planning to have this vehicle done in combat position.
    Happy New Year as well!

  3. Cool stuff. I was also considering to make it. If you look carfully you will notice that the model is very simplified. Lots of details needs to be added. For me it will take ages to finish. Good luck with it!


  4. Hi Zbyszek :)
    You're right - it needs a lot of attention and added details. And many parts are really badly designed... but almost everything is buildable so we will see...