Sunday, September 30, 2012

PENNCON 2012 Central Pensylvania IPMS Show - Pictures

On September 15th I had the pleasure to attend Penncon 2012 Show, organized by folks from Central Pensylvania IPMS. This year, show was held in new location, at US Army Heritage & Education Center in Carlisle, PA.
Penncon 2012 US Army Heritage & Education Center

Penncon 2012 US Army Heritage & Education Center
Penncon 2012 US Army Heritage & Education Center
Click "READ MORE" to see pictures of some models presented on the show.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1/72 JS-3 (IS-3) Polish Army - Trumpeter - Workbench Part 7

Time for the update of JS-3 build. The tracks were assembled and mounted on the wheels.
1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Tracks right side

1/72 JS-3 Trumpeter - Tracks left side

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NCMSS 51st Annual Washington Show 2012

On September 8th I attended 51st Annual Washington Show, organized by The National Capital Model Soldier Society. Like every year, it was really nice and cozy meet, even it's one of the smaller shows.
They mainly focus on figures painting, with growing number of wargaming miniatures, but they also welcome all the ordnance models and dioramas.
As usual, I spent a great time talking with some old and new friends, and of course burning some cash in vendor's area :) Even the power outage toward the end of the show, caused by massive storm (and tornado warning!), did not ruin this great day.
Many thanks to folks from NCMSS for this nice event!

This year my figures and models were noticed by the judges (in previous years as well :)) and I brought home some awards.
NCMSS 2012 Awards
32mm Agent Nina received Bronze Medal
32mm Agent Nina - NCMSS Bronze Medal
You can see her gallery here: 32mm Agent Nina Gallery

28mm Mordor Stormtrooper received also Bronze Medal
28mm Mordor Stormtrooper - NCMSS Bronze Medal
 You can see his gallery here: 28mm Mordor Stormtrooper Gallery

And finally my ordnance display with "Cat & Mouse" was awarded Silver Medal
"Cat & Mouse" gallery is here: 1/72 "Cat & Mouse" Gallery

While browsing vendors' area, surprisingly I found the figure kit I wasn't aware of... :)

Stay tuned...