Monday, March 26, 2012

32mm Agent Nina - Completed

During last few evenings I found some spare time to focus on Agent Nina figurine. And at last this mission is accomplished :) Here's small peak of her. More pictures below...

First I painted the figure using acrylic paints from Citadel & Vallejo ranges.

When Nina was drying, I switched to the base, which I painted using various shades of grey. After that I applied few washes to avoid too uniform effect. Next I planted the grass from Silflor, and  imitated flowers with red Tamiya paint. For the last step I added the mixture of sandy colors pigments.

When everything was finally dry, I placed the figure on the base. Agent Nina is ready for action :)

I hope you like this little vignette...


  1. very cool & excellent ta-tas

  2. It's always about them, isn't it? :)