Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1/72 Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds - Workbench Part 2

I started Tie assembly from the cockpit. After its assembly, I airbrushed as a base color Neutral Grey (XF-53), followed by Badab Black wash (Citadel) and highlights with Astronomican Grey (Citadel). When everything was dry I sealed it with Satin Varnish Vallejo.

Inside the fuselage was sprayed with Neutral Grey (XF-53)
Next, I turned my attention towards cockpit's side panels. First they received coat of Black Primer, followed by Gloss Varnish. When they dried, I started applying panel's decals provided by Fine Molds. They were horrible...  Unfortunately, it wasn't the first bad experience with decals delivered by Japanese manufacturers. They were thick, and refused to adhere to anything, not even mentioning smooth placing. These decals also refused to cooperate with decal softening liquids. After prolonged trials they started to fall apart... It was such a disaster (previously I had similar experience with decals from Hasegawa and Tamiya). At last I managed to place them within desired spots with help of Gloss Varnish (in this case Pledge Future). Hopefully, not too much of them will be seen after closing the fuselage.
To complete the interior I painted pilot's figure. Everything went according to plan, minus fore mentioned problems with decals. Painted with black and few shades of grey Vallejo acrylics.

 I also quickly assembled tower / stand for placing the TIE. For now it looks quite plain, but I plan to change it a bit.

More fun with Tie Interceptor soon.
Stay Tuned!

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