Sunday, May 27, 2012

1/72 Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds - Completed

Finally, Tie Interceptor project came to an end. Even as a Fine Molds product, it had few shortcomings (decals, masks, panels fitting). Overall I'm happy with the final result.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1/72 Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds - Workbench Part 6

Getting close to the finish line with this build. Tie received Badaab Black wash (Citadel) to make it look very used and beat up. Some may think it's too heavy, but keep in mind that pictures are close-ups and in reality the elements are much smaller.

Monday, May 21, 2012

1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc Dragon - Completed

Finally Firefly Vc is completed. Crew was mounted in their hatches (placing the driver was really tricky :)). Terrain was made with mixture of pigments, white glue and matt varnish. Vegetation was done with different products from Silflor and Polak companies. Decals came from 1st Polish Armoured Division Part 1 set by Armo (72408). This Firefly received markings of 1st Squadron, 2nd Regiment, 1st polish Armoured Division, in England, during Spring 1944.

1/72 Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds - Workbench Part 5

Finally I got to painting stage. Since none of the grey shades in my paint rack really fit the job, so by trail & error I came up with one which suits me. I used Flat White (XF-2) and Light Grey (XF-66).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1/72 Pz.Inz. 140 4TP Polish Light Tank - Modell Trans

Germany based manufacturer Modell Trans released resin model kit of Polish 4TP light tank.
Model kit is packed into small clear plastic box.

1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc Dragon - Workbench Part 5

Some family matters prevented me from more often posting, but hopefully everything will get back to normal. However, in meantime I was able to spend a bot of time modeling.
I managed to assemble the crew for Firefly. Parts for them came from Milicast British Tankers, Preiser RAF mechanics, and Airfix donated parts for driver. Here are three musketeers:
Before painting them, I checked if the fit into the hatches