Thursday, January 19, 2012

54mm Polish Knight XIIIth Century - Valiant

My first ever painted figure in 54mm (1/32) scale was Polish knight from Valiant Miniatures line.
Since it does not contain too many pieces, the assembly went pretty quickly. The only problem I can address is partially missing texture of chain link armour on the upper sides of arms, which probably is caused by mold's wear over the time. I tried to fix this issue with help of Dremel and a number of different bits.
Having figure assembled, I could focus on painting. First I applied base colors. 

At the same time I started preparing base for the figure. I used spray can's cap, on which I modeled ground, adding some tree branches (broken off bush pieces) with some broken pieces of slate from Citadel's Basing Set.
I painted groundwork with some base colors, painted stones with 3 shades of grey, and added various static grass flavors (from different manufacturers).
After that I airbrushed the base with mix of very diluted oil washes, to blend all components together.
In meantime I added some shading and highlights to the knight, to avoid too flat look. The project was fairly quick and nice learning experience. Definitely I'll do more figures in bigger scale. 
Polish Knight is ready!


  1. Podstawka świetna, a model bym bardziej zmatowił jakimś washem albo lakierem matt vranish. Fajnie, że propagujesz ojczyźniane klimaty na obczyźnie :)


  2. Tu sie akurat z matowym lakierem nie zgodze. Zbroje mialy polysk jako wykonane z metalu. Naprawde sie ciesze, ze ktos docenia moje polskie klimaty :) W zeszlym roku sponsorowalem nagrode za najlepszy model w polskich barwach na konkursie IPMS NOVA...