Sunday, April 22, 2012

1/72 T-34 Factory / Stash - Dragon, UM, Revell, Planet Models

I was stashing various T-34 model kits for a while, for planned future builds. Recently we were talking  with my friend from our local modeling club about different T-34 variants and respective model kits in braille scale. At the end, me and my buddies John and Tom, we took the challenge to build at least one T-34 (each one of us), which should be completed for NOVA Model Classic.
After a while, I started checking my stash for T-34s, since I knew I have some...
Here's what I found :)

I checked with John & Tom which one they build, and decided the same model kit will be my first casualty.

I hope it will be quick and fun build (Maybe this time...). Stay tuned!

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