Thursday, February 23, 2012

1/72 MAUS Dragon - Workbench part 5

Small progress, despite constant time shortage...
I casted from resin two parts of cobblestone street with sidewalk and assembled one base from its partials. Dug out some ruins from my collection, which initiated my work on the base.

I started weathering Maus with artist's oils paints. First I applied dark wash followed with some rainmarks. Work will continue when it dries.


  1. WOW This is stunning camo detail - lots of work in this - have never seen this done The only in WWII yet - The only ''different'' camo was the British MALTA-CAMO Pattern that was done to blend into the buildings / streets.

    Herman Moore

  2. Well, it took a while to mask it... so I'm not planning another digi camo for some time ;) I know camo you mentioned...