Sunday, March 15, 2015

Way behind with updates but I'm back :)

Title says it all.... I got more and more behind with my blog updates, partially because family matters and partially due to more duties at work. Hopefully will be able to post more models and some other good stuff here.
Just started 2015 hobby show season by attending Old Dominion Open hosted as always by crazy crew from IPMS Richmond. This time the did come ahead of schedule.... Great job guys!
I managed to grab 2 awards from (displayed my builds in 3 categories).... not a bad start....


  1. Stay away, win IPMS, and now you tell us...YEP life in the fast lane must be somthin' fine ----just kidding ;-)

    Seriously; Congratulations on the wins

    1. Well.... it is really fast lane mainly thanks to little ones :)
      Thanks for kind words :)

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